6block FAQ

2 min readJun 1, 2022


1. Can I participate in Filcoin Mining, how can I participate?

Yes, of course, you can participate in Filcoin Mining, now 6block supports co-mining, if you are interested, please contact contact@6block.com for more details.

2. Is Mina Mining available, how can I participate in it?

Yes, you can still join 6block Mina Mining, here is the tutorial

Auro Wallet: https://shimo.im/docs/a7u3MtK9LGQIfpVu/

Professional: https://shimo.im/docs/KG0vD0JS1mMoOc7w/

3. Is ZK.Work available now? What projects do you currently support?

We launched ZK.Work in April, you can visit the official website here:https://zk.work/aleo/home; right now we fully support Aleo Network and Ironfish.
Here are the details:

- Aleo: We support both CPU and GPU mining for Aleo for now, the official mining needs to wait for Aleo mainnet launch, you can participate in the testnet mining for fun: Download from this page, Unzip the file which comes with a tutorial: https://zk.work/aleo/start

- Ironfish: ZK.Work Ironfish Testnet Mining Pool Summer Fishing Camp now is ongoing. By the way, ZK.Work has implemented the pure rust language version of the mining program zkwork_ironminer. Check tutorial here: https://zk.work/en/blog/62cd5055baca1d79d1afa06b

About 6block

6block was founded in 2019, based in Miami, U.S. The team has been working in the crypto field for many years, focusing on zero-knowledge-proof technology and finding unicorn projects. It’s your one-stop technical solution for mining.

6block current products including:

1. Mining Pool: ZK.Work, leading mining platform for Zero-Knowledge Proofs

2. Web3 Wallet: FoxWallet, leading you to the world of blockchain

3. Explorers:

Filfox, Filecoin blockchain explorer, and data service platform

Aleo Info, the most convenient platform for Aleo explorers and data services

For more information, please follow our official community and social media, we will update the progress in time:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/6blockOfficial

Medium: https://6block.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/sixblock

Discord: https://discord.gg/fxWfEN4pwU