6block, focusing on ZK Computing, has officially launched its Mining Platform for Zero Knowledge Proofs — ZK.Work

2 min readApr 14, 2022

As the second place of Aleo Testnet 2, 6block, positioning as the supplier of the computing technology solutions, including mining pools, miners, mining software, explorers, etc. has always put the effort into ZK computing and just launched its Mining Platform for Zero Knowledge Proofs — ZK.Work.

ZK.Work serves as the Leading Mining Platform for Zero Knowledge Proofs. Its Version 1.0 has just gone live: https://zk.work/aleo/home, with Aleo mining pool as the first product.

Aleo is a developer platform for building fully private and scalable applications. Founded in 2019, Aleo raised its first round of $28m funding, led by A16Z(Andreesen Horowitz). On February 7th, 2022, Aleo received the second round of $200m investment, led by SoftBank and Koracap, marking the largest series B financing in Zero-knowledge (ZK) proof up to now. With strong VC backing, Aleo is undoubtedly a stellar project in privacy and ZK.

ZK.Work will keep track of Aleo’s official progress and provide relevant support and services to our users at the earliest time possible .

Boasting years of experience in ZK, the development team at ZK.Work have optimized both the hardware and software to maximize the mining efficiency. Specifically in the following field:

  • Hardware: the AMD CPUs and advanced GPUs guarantee the best performance in mining baseline tests. The embedded SHA modules in the AMD CPUs provide better performance than other CPUs by order of magnitude.
  • Software: proprietary mining software offers top performance. Our mining software is optimized in and out against GPUs to improve the engineering and algorithm efficiencies. We have optimized the ZK-Snarks algorithm to ensure the full-capacity running of the computing resources with 0 idle times. In addition, we have also optimized the ZK computing, including the performance optimization of the main time-consuming FFT/Multiexp module, to make it several times faster than the official version.

ZK.Work will continuously look for quality ZK projects for future plans and adding more promising mining projects to the platform, committing to become a leading go-to mining pool.

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