BOOM Talks3 Recap: “If Mining Crisis Comes, How Do We Survive?”

Q1: About the ‘shutdown price’ of BTC & ETH

Q2: The direct cause of the ‘mining crash’ is the extremely bearish Bitcoin price, what are the indirect causes?

Q3: Unlike BTC, ETH is now facing a major adjustment from POW to POS, so what is the way out for this part of the miners?

Q4: There’s a saying that ‘Miners’ capitulation is a typical sign that the market has bottomed out?’ What do you think?

Q5: There have been some incidents of liquidation on high leverage in DeFi. And we all know many miners choose to do collateralized lending or to lend out liquidity. Do you think they're gonna be some similar incidents in Mining?

Q6: What impact does this round of mining crisis have on the Mining and the development of crypto?

Q7: Thoughts on future BTC mining after the crisis.

Q8: How do you see the transformation and future of mining?

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